ABC—ALL BASES COVERED™ Knife System. The ABC Knife System combines functional diversity to the max. In development for over a year and a half, this versatile refined system provides military, extreme-sport participants, and outdoorsmen the edge on lightness and compactness, anywhere and everywhere mounting options, all combined in a ruggedly dependable two-blade knife series.

The ABC™ is designed primarily for scuba divers, whitewater enthusiasts, military personnel, plus parachutists and pilots—those requiring an exceptional knife for extreme situations. In addition, its versatile and lightweight blade design makes it perfect for the outdoors person in any avenue of sporting activity.

KNIFE . . . The ABC™ knife system has two standard blade designs: the blunt tipped ABC Aqua, and the modified tanto ABC Operator’s model. The Aqua is a specialized blade having an unsharpened tapered blunt point, a sharpened edge on the lower edge and the forward half of the upper edge, with “rolling-wave” serrations aft on top. The Operator’s model has a reinforced point, sharpened lower edge, and “rolling-wave” serrations on top. The Aqua is designed for scuba and skin divers, whitewater enthusiasts, and rescue personnel whose safety needs require this style of point. For all the rest, those individuals looking for maximum versatility and strength, the Operator’s model perfectly combines the features of both a dagger and a drop-point style blade.
The ABC™ blade is designed to lock securely into its kydex sheath both left-handed or right-handed, handle scales on or handle scales off. The centered countersunk hole in the ricasso area of the tang allows for secure grip stability when held in a “T-grip”.
The knife handle has a “stepped-down” configuration on the lower side from front to back, allowing for rapid hand orientation. The dual front finger grooves have a unique “half-moon” notch near their forward edge to provide maximum non-slip bite in a high-stress situation. The three center holes aid in grip security, weight reduction and lashing options. The thong hole at the bottom edge of the pommel allows for the attachment of a “dummy cord” if needed.
The detachable scales are .115” black G-10 fiberglass/epoxy composite material with a coarse weave surface texture. The knife’s handle profile, combined with fully radiused edges around the G-10 handle scales, provides optimum comfort and maximum grip stability. Opposing 18-8 stainless steel spline drive 2-56 flat head pan screws secure the detachable scales.

SHEATH . . . The kydex sheath of the ABC™ Knife System is the key to its versatility. One of the primary requests from military personnel was that the sheath incorporate a broad range of mounting options plus completely field-strip for cleaning. The sheath panels, connected with coated solid brass Chicago screws, separate for total flushing of sand, silt, and salt residue. A drain hole at the bottom of the back panel allows for quick flushing in lieu of a total breakdown cleaning when needed. The mouth of the sheath is flared front and back for easier locating during insertion. The bottom webbing slot allows for attachment of a “dummy cord” if needed. Retention tightness may be adjusted for high-impact situations, such as helo-casting or whitewater sports.
The sheath comes with two interchangeable carry attachments: two BC (buoyancy compensator) panels and a steel “sure-clip” belt clip. The panels sandwich webbing, web gear or other belting up to 2” in width either vertically or horizontally (panels may be aligned with the body of the sheath or rotated 90°). The steel “sure-clip” belt loop allows for secure carry on belt sizes up to 1.5” comfortably. It features an internal safety catch that prevents the sheath from being pulled from the belt during extraction of the knife. The belt clip may be configured in both the vertical and horizontal carry modes as well.

Attachment/carry methods include:

  • BC (buoyancy compensator) and webbing panels
  • Neoprene dive leg straps through four vertical slots
  • Horizontally on BC pocket flaps with four-point screw connection through the material, stabilized on the back of the flap with a BC panel
  • Steel “sure-clip” belt attachment (belt sizes up to 1.5”) for both vertical and horizontal carry
  • (whitewater) Tie-wrapped on 1” tie-wrap chest panel on Kokatat, Lotus Designs, Stohlquist PFD vests, and others
  • (whitewater) Inserted into the mesh pocket under the front flap on Kokatat PFD vests (can be double secured with screws into the BC panel through the mesh)
  • (parachuting) Attached and rigged on the main harness system webbing of a parachute, positioning the knife inverted overhead once under canopy
  • Vertically and horizontally on the belt with the BC panels

The ABC™ kydex sheath system was designed to facilitate the maximum number of possible carry options while requiring the least number of required attachment parts. All bases are covered in this versatile knife system.

Dimensions and Details
Overall length: 8.4”
Blade Length: 3.7” (tip to center of ricasso hole)
Steel: .1562” (5/32”) 440-C
Blade width: 1”
Maximum handle width: 1.3”
Handle Material: G-10, black, custom textured
Fittings: 18-8 stainless steel screws
Overall Finish: brushed-satin
Knife weight (with scales attached): 3 ounces
Sheath weight (with one attachment): 3 ounces
Sheath: Kydex multi-mode system can be completely disassembled for cleaning.

Order Online

Base Price : $395.00
ABC (Aqua)

Base Price : $415.00

*ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL: Please contact Jim Hammond Knives for special military pricing.

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