Cruiser™ Military Version

Simply put…

                    Pat Covert
               “Tactical Knives”

Tactical Knives thinks so. You will too! The Cruiser is one sleek tactical folder. The first model in the new “Eclipse Series”, the Cruiser MV (military version) and the Cruiser CG (collector grade) are the latest in the tradition of design excellence from Hammond Knives.

The most unique feature of the Cruiser is its dual-purpose ambidextrous one-finger opening “Flipper” tab on the blade, described as “the slickest flipper around.” Tactical Knives points out, “Hammond’s flipper is cleverly designed in a ramped fashion that cuts down on the “snag-ability” factor inherent in previous designs.” Propelling the blade open quicker than an automatic (no button dwell time), the flipper is serrated for non-slip control. Hammond has designed, as Tactical Knives described, “…what has to be the sweetest flipper in the business.”

When the blade is open, the flipper is eclipsed (hence the name) within the handle frame above the lower tip portion of the front finger groove, providing serrations for the thumb in the finger groove when held in an edge-up inverted position. When open, a serrated thumb ramp on the back of the blade swings into position on top for maximum grip stability. An internal crescent stop-pin system provides maximum strength and blade position accuracy both open and closed. The locking face of the blade is radiused rather than beveled to best capture the spring face when snapped open. Dual thumb studs have a scalloped face with a serrated collar for rapid capture by the thumb from either side for a secondary opening capability.

As comfortable as your favorite easy chair, the fully contoured and radiused sculpted linen micarta handle provides maximum control, incredible comfort, and perfect grip security for your hand. Optional hand-filed grip serrations, aligned along the center portion of the left handle scale, may be added for additional grip purchase. Having a black coated stainless steel "paddle" clip at the butt of the right handle scale, the knife is carried point up.

The strength to weight ratio of this knife is unbelievable. Weighing in at a mere 5 ounces, with its balance point at the front finger groove, the knife literally floats in your hand. The dual hollow ground blade bevels, along with its open frame construction, contribute to its light weight.

Options include other handle materials, hand-filed serrations on the left handle scale, a micro-glass bead-blast finish overall, and additional serrations on the reverse side.

Overall length: 9.38”
Blade Length: 4.25” (from point to midpoint of handle)

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