• “Hammond’s workmanship is awe-inspiring to inspect once you have one of his blades in hand. Each line, grind, bevel, serration, and rounded edge is as near perfect as one could possibly expect coming from the human hand and eye.”
                                                                   G.W., Guns & Ammo “Combat Knives”

  • “You can buy customs that certainly are nice knives, but they are just not like a Hammond. A Hammond is a really unique piece. Of all the tactical knifemakers, he’s just at the very, very top. His attention to fit and finish are second to none.”
    Paul Gillespie, Founder
                                                                   Columbia River Knife and Tool

  • “Hammond’s work is pure no-nonsense combat common sense, period. A number of SEAL’s I know own Jim’s knives, and mine’s been a delight to carry and use regardless of where I’ve taken it, or what it’s been called upon to accomplish.”
                                                                   R.S., former SEAL/Selous Scout
                                                                   Guns & Ammo “Combat Knives”

  • “Flesheater™, the ultimate military combat fighting knife, is a mastery blend of design and workmanship—a cut above, straight and to the point. The beauty and excellence of this fighting knife cannot be excelled.”
                                                                   Ret. U.S.M.C. MSgt. Arcenio J. Advincula
                                                                   Creator, U.S. Marine Corps martial arts training program

  • “Perfect, just perfect; that’s what the knives of Jim Hammond are. Without a doubt, his knife execution is about as perfect as we have ever seen. The attention to detail is absolutely unreal.”
                                                                   J.S., “Gung-Ho Custom Knife Handbook”

  • "The Cruiser has the ergonomics that make it fit in the hand beautifully. It's a piece of sculpture. It has all the right things: the construction and mechanics are flawless, it opens and closes smooth as glass, and has gorgeous handle materials. A knife has to look beautiful open and closed and have a different personality in both positions. The Cruiser has that."
                                                                    S.B., “Blade”

  • “What I said about Jim’s work stands as true today as it did in 1983—Jim Hammond makes the Ferrari of fighting knives!”
                                                                   Paul Ehlers, America’s premier fantasy knife designer

  • “You have probably heard this before but I am totally awestruck of the workmanship and design work in the Flesheater. The knife indexes so naturally it’s scary. This is the 18th custom fighter that I have bought in my quest for finding the knife that works for me. I have gone through Mad Dog Fighters, Mick Strider customs, Hossoms, Bladerigger, Phil Hartsfield, Al Polkowski, Walter Brend, Rob Patton to name a few. All the knives mentioned above are exceptional knives, but they had some details that didn’t work for me. Had I ordered a FE sooner I would have saved a lot of time and money.”
                                                                   E.R.E., Norway

  • “The design of the Flesheater is certainly one of a kind and nothing less than inspired. For me the ability to wield a piece of living history makes the knife all that more personal.”
                                                                   J.S., former Army Ranger

  • “The Flesheater is a work of art, by far the most beautiful knife I have ever seen. It is something I will be proud to pass on to my son one day. I look forward to being in touch with you again for another masterpiece.“
                                                                   K.M., British Army

  • “I have to say it's amazing. I own a couple of 6" fighters from other makers, but your Endurance lays in my hand like some kind of natural extension of my arm. I've never held a more functional and effective knife. You are a true master of the art of knifemaking. Thank you for your brilliant work, and my trifecta of Hammond knives is now complete.”
                                                                  C.N., USMC ret.

  • “Boldness, function, usefulness and beauty—all qualities which Jim Hammond’s knives possess!”
                                                                   B.W., “Blade”

  • “Jim Hammond’s collector knives have plenty of ‘soul’…His knives’ most attractive features are their appealing design and flawless workmanship.”
                                                                   J.W., “Southern Outdoors”

  • “Of all the makers out there, Jim Hammond probably has more experience with tactical knives than most, since he’s been dealing with special ops groups for years.”
                                                                   J.R., “Knives Illustrated”

  • “You are a true warrior and master artisan who understands what fellow warriors, military or otherwise, desire in the tools of our trade.”
                                                                   R.P., U.S. Army Special Forces OD-A operator

  • “Jim Hammond, a founder of the modern tactical folder school of knifemaking.”
                                                                  “Tactical Knives”

  • “Hammond dotes over his knives like a mother lion, and it shows in the end product.”
                                                                   Pat Covert, “Tactical Knives”

  • “Jim, You’re only as sharp as your knife. All the very best. “
                                                                   John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, Sgt. Major, British SAS, ret.
                                                                   World renowned survival instructor
                                                                   Founder of the British SAS Counterterrorist Team and SP (counter Hi-Jack) Team

  • “I just wanted you to know that I am a proud owner and appreciate the excellent workmanship that you do. Best wishes and kindest regards.”
                                                                   Gene Stallings
                                                                   Former head football coach, The University of Alabam

  • “Jim, I admire your work!”
                                                                   Neil Armstrong
                                                                   First man to set foot upon the Moon

  • “Thank you for your folding knife. I appreciate your kind gesture and thoughtfulness. Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.”
                                                                   George W. Bush
                                                                   43rd President of the United States

    “ There is no truer and more abiding happiness than the knowledge that one is free to go on doing, day by day, the best work one can do, in the kind one likes best, and that this work is absorbed by a steady market and thus supports one’s own life. Perfect freedom is reserved for the man who lives by his own work and in that work does what he wants to do.”
                                                                   Robin G. Collingwood (1889-1943)
                                                                   English Philosopher and Historian

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