PRICES and ORDERING POLICY Due to the existing backlog of orders and resulting time-lag for their completion, the following pricing and order guidelines apply.
  1. A $50 ‘Order Processing Charge’ is required for each knife when an order is placed. This charge is non-refundable.

  2. Due to the existing backlog of orders, the price prevailing at date of billing and payment prior to final completion applies to all existing orders.

  3. When an order comes up for final completion, the customer will be contacted and order details and pricing will be reviewed and confirmed at that time prior to delivery, finalizing the completion schedule.

  4. I am still accepting orders at this time but I am no longer quoting delivery time estimates at time of order. However, once your knife is ground and heat treated and your order has moved into a completion schedule, I am then able to provide you with a projected delivery timeframe.

PAYMENT METHOD Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards, cashier's check, money order, or personal check.

WARRANTY POLICY Jim Hammond Knives are handmade and are guaranteed against defects in workmanship, as long as the knife is used for its intended purpose. This guarantee does not cover any potentially inherent problems that may occur with natural materials, nor does it cover abuse, nor use deemed unsuitable to its design application. Various services done outside the shop, such as heat treating and engraving work, are utilized to enhance the quality of the product.


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