Knife models are listed as being either "Active" or "Archive". Active models are designs currently available. Some are proven classics and others are the latest models introduced into the line. Archive models are examples of previous stylings, both in fixed blade and folder, military version as well as collector grade, with varying levels of artistic embellishment. Some archive models may still be special ordered, others are no longer available.

The designs in the active category currently include the:

  • Cruiser, CG (collector grade)
  • Cruiser, MV (military version)
  • Flesheater
  • Flesheater 2
  • Flesheater 3
  • Flesheater 5
  • Flesheater Military Bolo
  • Flesheater Runt
  • Flesheater Talibong
  • Cobra Gold, MV
  • Endurance, MV
  • Endurance, CG
  • Conqueror
  • ABC Aqua
  • ABC Operator's model
  • Mirage
  • Special "1 of 1” design series

*PRICES and ORDERING POLICY Due to the existing backlog of orders and resulting time-lag for their completion, the following pricing and order guidelines are in effect.

  1. A $50 ‘Order Processing Charge’ is required at time of order (this non-refundable charge is deducted from the price of the knife when final payment is due, or forfeited, should an order be cancelled by a customer for any reason.).

  2. Confirmed prices for knives and custom options will be locked in when an order comes up for final completion, not when an order is placed.

  3. Model pricing shown on the website (prices for each model are shown at the bottom right corner on each individual model's web page in the Dimensions and Details section below the order online button) and custom options quoted are current for each model, but may not reflect the actual price at time of delivery.

  4. When an order is placed an ‘order slot’ is reserved for that customer, earmarked for that specific knife or group of knives as ordered.

  5. However, by the time an order comes up for completion, specific designs, model features, material choices, or other order details may have changed, been updated, or possibly been discontinued. So though an ‘order slot’ is reserved at time of order, specific details are subject to possible change.

  6. When an order comes up for final completion, the customer will be contacted and order details and pricing will be reviewed and confirmed at that time prior to delivery.

  7. Once a knife’s details are confirmed and an order is placed, the above order policy guidelines apply, irregardless of whether an order is placed through the website, by mail, via email, over the phone, or in person at a show.

  8. To confirm: YES, I am still accepting orders at this time, but NO, I am no longer quoting delivery time estimates at time of order. However, once your knife is ground and your order is moved into a completion schedule, I am then able to provide you with a projected delivery timeframe.

CRUISER (CG) The base priced model features a brushed satin blade, bead-blast titanium mainframe, and linen micarta scales (which match the profile of the optional titanium sub-plates). Various other (optional) design components, as featured on the knives shown, are available.

SEALTAC, FLESHEATER, COBRA GOLD & ENDURANCE (MV) These models are made from .250" stock, have a full tapered tang, hollow ground bevels, and a micro-glass bead-blast finish overall. They utilize three 3/8" stainless steel lined thong holes in the handle. They have sculpted black linen micarta handles (std).

HANDLE MATERIALS Various handle materials are available, from natural to composite. Inquire regarding your particular interest, and we can discuss details. Some materials, such as the various ivories, carry certain restrictions regarding the purchase and shipment of these materials.

SHEATH CHOICES Sheaths are not standard with the knives but are ordered as a custom component along with each knife, due to their unique configuration for each customer. A knife can be ordered without a sheath, with either a kydex or leather sheath, or both. Review the photos for both the kydex and leather sheaths to determine your choice, select the carry mounting system/s that you would prefer (enclosed belt loop, MOLLE-LOK, Tek-Lok, Drop-leg carry platform, etc.) and the sheath color, and indicate those on the order form.

PAYMENT METHOD Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards, cashier's check, money order, or personal check. Credit card information is submitted through the security encrypted order form with credit card charges processed through BB&T Merchant Services for Hammond Knives & Designs, LLC. PayPal is not accepted nor recommended due to their anti-weapon, anti-knife, anti-gun bias toward legitimate companies in these business categories.

SHIPPING POLICY Domestic shipping may be done through the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx or UPS. International orders are shipped via U.S. Postal Service Express Mail Service (EMS) or with FedEx International.

WARRANTY POLICY Jim Hammond Knives are handmade and are guaranteed against defects in workmanship, as long as the knife is used for its intended purpose. This guarantee does not cover any potentially inherent problems that may occur with natural materials, nor does it cover abuse, nor use deemed unsuitable to its design application. Various services done outside the shop, such as heat treating and engraving work, are utilized to enhance the quality of the product.

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