Flesheater ‘Dragon’

‘The Reckoning’ is the latest novel by international best-selling author James Byron Huggins, scheduled for official release on May 3, 2018.

Haunted by his past, in a world ruled by the purest survivors, the fiercest warriors, Gage was the strongest – an American executing his country’s darkest missions with legendary cunning and skill. Until, wounded and dying in a scorched wasteland, he found mercy at the hands of an aging priest. Separated from the secret world he once dominated, he chose a life of exile, pursuing a lonely peace, a solitary faith. Only the murder of his mentor and the mysterious theft of an ancient manuscript can compel him to emerge from solitude. Hunted by a deadly force, now his greatest battle begins. From the shadowed streets of New York to the inner recesses of the Vatican and beyond, he challenges the awesome might of an ageless evil. Bound by a promise to a dying friend, he wages war once more in the dark world he left behind.

The Flesheater ‘Dragon’, shown on the cover of the book and on the bio page, plays a starring role in the novel.

For specific details on the knife, go to the Flesheater page of the website. For more information on the book and other upcoming novels by Byron Huggins, check out the publisher’s website, Wild Blue Press.

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