Flesheater™ Runt

The Flesheater™ Runt™ is the wilderness survival and woods craft design in the Flesheater™ series. Some former Army guys who’d done survival training with the British military spent a day in the shop sharing their ideas and request for this knife. These are the features that they wanted incorporated into this design:

  • A grip providing maximum control and hand protection under extreme conditions. Their choice was the Flesheater™ 2 handle.
  • A minimal blade length when coupled with the FE2 handle that would be compact and easy to carry yet fully functional for an array of survival tasks.
  • The blade having a flat spine area and suitable tip for batoning, the technique of splitting wood by driving the blade through the material from repeated strikes on the spine using a baton-like stick, making kindling for fire making. The wedging effect of the blade from the edge and up the hollow grind through the thicker ricasso aids in this separation.
  • Have a suitable blade belly for skinning and game preparation, as well as for food preparation.
  • Have a blade tip serviceable for first aid, pinpoint cutting and penetration.
  • Incorporate a secondary upper grind that would be more efficient in stronger draw cuts on vines, etc.
  • Overall design should also serve as a personal defense knife if needed.

Having approximately the same overall length as the Overwatch™, the Runt™ provides a compact, versatile and fully functional survival knife package that will ‘get ‘er done’ when the bottom line for survival simply means staying alive.

NOTE: The particular Runt shown in the photograph is not the standard model but a custom variation having a presentation grade Desert Ironwood handle, a hand-rubbed satin ricasso on the blade with bead-blast bevels and a hand-rubbed satin finish around the perimeter of the knife. The actual appearance for the Runt with a bead blast blade and black linen micarta scales can be seen in the pop-up photo below, shown with the custom additions of hand-filed handle serrations and leather sheath.



Overall length: 9.5”
Blade Length: 4.25”

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