Flesheater™ Talibong

The Talibong, or Talibon, is a cultural combat-utility design originating in the Visayan region of the Philippines during the latter part of the Spanish era (late 1800s). Distinguished by its wasp waist and exaggerated belly configuration, this multi-functional short sword design could handle all in a day’s work, from slicing through heavy grasses while hunting, to game prep and slaughtering to serious combat applications.


One of Sensei Advincula’s senior black-belt students presented me with one of these original Talibong knives from the 1800s and asked me to combine the old with the new—a design incorporating the original blade shape with the addition of a Flesheater™ Overwatch™ handle.


The result is a culturally unique, lightning quick knife that proclaims its heritage while performing with leading edge proficiency, driven by the unequaled Overwatch™ handle design. 



Dimensions and Details
Overall length: 16.1”
Blade Length: 12”
Steel: .20” (~13/64”) 440-C (std)
Handle Material: Black linen micarta (std)
Fittings: 304 stainless steel
Overall Finish: Micro-glass bead-blast

Sheath: Kydex (Sheath Choices)

Order Online

Base Price : $1075.00
Flesheater Talibong

*ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL: Please contact Jim Hammond Knives for special military pricing.

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