Flesheater 3.0™ -- Overwatch™

The Flesheater 3.0™ -- Overwatch™ is the second spin-off design from the original Flesheater in the Flesheater Design Group, filling the niche as an excellent 24/7 personal utility fixed blade as well as a personal protection hide-out knife. The blade incorporates a main lower blade grind with a thinner swedge grind along the top front half of the blade. Bearing many of the same key design elements as the two larger Flesheaters, the Flesheater 3 provides the smallest handle size possible while maintaining an outstanding blade to handle ratio for optimal balance and performance.

Utilizing a thinner handle profile and a 3/16” thick blade, the sleek efficient shape fits the hand like a glove, providing maximum control in all applications.

Full serrations down the flat aft of the Navarro Hook™ on the blade back provide secure thumb stability for hands of all size in the fencer’s grip, when used in lieu of the standard Flesheater grip.

For a complete review of all the design elements in common with the original model, please refer to the ‘Flesheater’ page.


Overall length: 9.4”
Blade Length: 5.3” (Tip to midpoint of handle, 4.9” tip to front finger groove.)

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