Flesheater™ 5 Utility Bolo

The Flesheater 5 Utility Bolo takes the Flesheater Design Group into the next dimension. With a sweeping 13” blade, this combat utility bolo with its radical, hand-molding handle provides the strongest Isshin-Ryu grip possible on a knife for extreme chopping applications. While maintaining its origin in the design elements of the Talibong from the Visayan Islands of the Philippines, coupled with the military concepts and applications learned with the 13” bladed bolo carried by Jim Advincula during his multiple tours in Vietnam, the Flesheater 5 combines proven old world working knife concepts with new world leading-edge technology.

Utilizing a ¼” thick blade, its strong sweeping blade shape provides exceptional cutting performance with the primary edge while adding the secondary back-cut capability of a deeply hollow ground top grind with an extreme Navarro Hook™.

The handle utilizes a half-tapered tang rather than a full-tapered tang, as in the other Flesheaters, for greater grip stability with a broader handle platform for added palm comfort, which helps to dampen the shock harmonics through the handle during extreme use. Its coke-bottle shaped vertical profile, coupled with the proven Flesheater handle shape combine to produce the most secure grip possible in a knife for this application.
A fluid, flowing blade design with a radical handle shape of ultimate comfort and control, comprising the foundational elements of the standard Flesheater handle, makes the Flesheater 5 truly exceptional as a utility bolo.

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Overall length: 17.6”
Blade Length: 13”

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