The GHOST RECON™ dagger, named by some of the troops in Afghanistan, is an updated military version of my ‘Gray Ghost’ dagger from the 1980’s. Originally named for Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the “Gray Ghost” of the Confederacy, his behind the lines ranger-like warfare tactics perfectly compliment the design features of this knife.

The Ghost Recon™ is a full tang design, incorporating a double hollow ground symmetrical blade grind with a full tapered tang. The finger cut-out, radiused handle sides and slim profile provide for a secure grip. Two stainless steel lined 3/8” holes in the handle allow for added finger purchase.

With the addition of optional hand-filed handle serrations in the scales, maximum grip stability is achieved.

Second generation versions will include hand-filed thumb serrations on the back of the blade as an option and the addition of a stainless lined thong hole at the rear of the handle for added lashing capability.

The Ghost Recon™ military version dagger fills the niche for those soldiers and military operators requiring a lightweight, no-frills tactical dagger.

Overall length: 11.3”
Blade Length: 6”

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