These are examples of various Jim Hammond custom sheaths. They include features specific to the carry needs of each user, providing multi-mode carry options. For example, the larger pivot ring belt-carry sheaths, which position the larger knives at an optimal carry height, allow the user to rotate the sheath for insertion or extraction of the blade plus turn it down the leg while seated. In addition, the ring/belt loop assembly is detachable, allowing for the use of a simple webbing strap for shoulder rig carry as well. The pancake style sheaths for the smaller knives are configured for a wide range of carry positions, both on the belt or inside the pants, utilizing multiple attachment options.

Jim Hammond leather sheaths are designed on CAD and individually crafted by hand from the finest Belgian leather. Meticulously stitched, they feature heavy duty TRW hard-socket snaps and are specially waterproofed with an oil/wax mixture then heat-sealed with an acrylic Resolene coating. These sheath designs have been in service with special operations personnel since 1981 and are as much a trademark as the knives they carry. From hunting knife to military knife, each Jim Hammond leather sheath is designed as an integral part of the system to meet the needs of sportsmen and operators alike.



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